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Customs Services

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015 - 15:45

This output includes mainly Revenue Collection, Policy Advice and Compliance. It also covers border management, enforcement activities and services to clients, including the general public and Government.

The Kiribati Customs is responsible for Revenue Collection, Enforcement of Customs Laws and Regulations and giving Policy Advice. Kiribati Customs has over the last years contributed to approximately 20% of the total Government revenue (approx. 60% of total tax revenue) and as such is very conscious of this core responsibility.

Besides revenue collection responsibilities this division is also tasked with Border Management which basically deals with ensuring safe and secure borders which shall ultimately contribute substantially to social and economic well being of the nation. In essence most (if not all) approved ports of entry in the Republic are manned by customs officers to ensure all matters pertaining to Border Management are attended to. The ports of entry includes seaports of Betio, Kiritimati, Fanning and Canton; and international airports of Bonriki, and Kiritimati.