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National Statistics Office

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015 - 14:12

The office is mandated to operate under the Statistics ACT CAP 96 (and when national censuses are on, Census ACT Cap 8) to collect, compile, analyse, abstract, and publish official statistics relating to the commercial, industrial, agricultural, social, economic, and general activities and condition of the people of Kiribati.

Under the United Nations Statistics Division it is also dictated that it is universally significance for all Statistical Agencies to operate under the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics http://unstats.un.org/unsd/methods/statorg/FP-English.htm

Some major tasks for the NSO includes carrying out and disseminating results of Censuses and Surveys.

Reports & Publications are accessible through the links below:

Link to Kiribati National Statistics Website

For further data requests, contact the Office at 21806 ext statistics or email to us at nso@mfep.gov.ki or post it as a comment with clear email address and NSO will assist ASAP. New official statistics will be posted as in release dates below:

Statistical Series Release Date
GDP by production approach 30th June
Balance of Payments 30th July
International Investment Position 30th July
Government Finance Statistics 31st May
International Trade Statistics 31st August
Consumer Price Index 1st half 31st July
Consumer Price Index 2nd half 31st January
Immigration Statistics 31st January
Copra Statistics 28th February