Poverty Indicators

Census statistics have been used to derive the following Millennium Development Goal indicators. Other poverty indicators will be derived from a Household Income and Expenditure (Economic) survey, planned to be conducted in 2006. Preparation for this survey is currently in progress.

Poverty Indicators

Indicators 2000     1995     1990    
  Urban Rural Total Urban Rural Total Urban Rural Total
Access to safe sustainable access to improved drinking water (% households)* 84.5 49.8 62.3       76 32.7 47.9
Proportion of population with access to improved sanitation (% households)* 67.6 40.7 50.5       32.9 21.5 24.4
Proportion of households with access to secure tenure (owned or rented)** 91.2  92.8  92.2            

Source: Department of Police/Kiribati National Statistics Office

Notes: Above table is based on households not population.

* All sources of water and types of sanitation methods were combined in the Census question, so this is an indication only (ie households stated all sources of water available).

** Secure tenure is based on land ownership of the main house (personal, family, leased), insecure tenure is 'other' ownership