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Tender dossier for Poland PV Hybrid System Upgrade

Published Date: 
24 Dec 2016
Teriba Tabe
INVITATION TO TENDER FOR Design, Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of PV Hybrid System Upgrade at Poland Power Station on Kiritimati Island, Kiribati This is an invitation to tender for the above mentioned supply contract. Please find enclosed the following documents, which constitute the tender dossier: A. Instructions to tenderers B. Draft contract and special conditions, including annexes − Draft contract − Special conditions − Annex i: general conditions − Annex ii +iii: technical specifications + technical offer) − Annex iv: budget breakdown − Annex v: forms C. Further information − Administrative compliance grid − Evaluation grid D. Tender form for a supply contract Annex 1 - Declaration of honour on exclusion and selection criteria…..Form a.15 For full information about procurement procedures please consult the Practical Guide and its annexes, which can be downloaded from the following web page: http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/prag/document.do We look forward to receiving your tender before the submission deadline at the address specified in the Instructions to tenderers. By submitting a tender you accept to receive notification of the outcome of the procedure by electronic means. Such notification shall be deemed to have been received by you on the date upon which the contracting authority sends it to the electronic address you referred to in your offer. If you decide not to submit a tender, we would be grateful if you could inform us in writing, stating the reasons for your decision. Yours sincerely, National Authorising Officer Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning Republic of Kiribati